Learn to read mimics: what the eyebrows say

Today I will show you which different emotions can be expressed with the eyebrows. Learn this signals, then you don´t have to think about their meaning, when you see them in a conversation. They will help you to see what others feel in this moment.

What the eybrows express

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Überraschung Both eyebrows pulled up. The whole forehead is wrinkled SURPRISE Wow! All You Can Eat for only 5 Euros???
Angst Both eyebrows pulled up. Additionally pulled togehter above the nose. FEAR Oh no; this man has a gun in his hand!
Trauer Only the inner side of eyebrwos is pulled up slightly. SADNESS My beloved dog has died.
Betonen Both eyebrows pulled up. The whole forehead is wrinkled Put emphasis on something I did not steal! Understand me?
Flirten Both eyebrows pulled up repeatedly. The whole forehead is wrinkled FLIRT Good evening; may I sit down here and invite you to a drink.
Wut Eyebrows pulled down an together. ANGER I beat you up; sucker!
Nachdenken Eyebrows pulled down and together. Think hard Where did I lay down my mobile phone?
Skepsis Eyebrows pulled down and together. SKEPTICISM Sorry; but I can´t believe you this rubbish.
Skepsis Eyebrown lifted on one side. SKEPTICISM Did this really happen?
Ironie Eyebrow lifted on one side. Say something ironically Of course; of course; you are the king of Sweden…


You probably realized, that there are some expressions, which look almost similar. The alignment of the brows is the same, the meaning is different. Example: Anger looks like scepticism or when a person thinks hard. In this case, we have to consider the context of what is said to interprete the body language of the other party.

If you should be uncertain in some cases, then think of 2 important rules:

Negative emotions Like fear and anger normally cause contractions in our muscles. So they do in the face.

Positive emotions “open” up the face (mouth, eyes).

Author: Peter Kovacs

Peter Kovacs ist Diplom Betriebswirt (FH) und arbeitet als Controller. Zudem ist er Trainer für Speed-Reading, antike Gedächtniskunst und nonverbale Kommunikation.